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Counterfeit Botox: How to Know The Botox You Receive is Safe

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Counterfeit Botox: How to Know The Botox You Receive is Safe

It’s unfortunate, but true. 

There are companies and unlicensed individuals out there selling and offering counterfeit Botox that can be extremely harmful for the body.

At Healthy Solutions Medspa, we want to ensure our patients are aware that the Botox we offer is 100% is real and safe.

What's Going On With Counterfeit Botox?

Recently, 22 people in 11 states were hospitalized due to botulinum toxin.

Fake Botox, or counterfeit botulinum toxin injections, pose significant risks to patients who unknowingly receive them.

These counterfeit products can be produced and distributed illegally, often without adhering to proper safety and quality standards.

Unlike authentic Botox that is distributed to only licensed medical providers by Allergan and their parent company Abbvie, counterfeit versions may contain unknown substances or improper concentrations, making them potentially dangerous when injected into the body.

Unfortunately, certain individuals have been giving this to patients in order to make it cheaper. 

Patients who receive fake Botox injections may experience a range of adverse effects, including:

  1. Lack of Efficacy: Counterfeit Botox may not produce the desired cosmetic results due to inadequate potency or improper formulation. Patients may not see the reduction in wrinkles and fine lines that they expect.

  2. Health Risks: Injecting counterfeit substances into the body can lead to various health risks, including allergic reactions, infections, and tissue damage. In some cases, patients may suffer severe complications that require medical intervention.

  3. Contamination: Counterfeit Botox products may be contaminated with harmful substances, bacteria, or other impurities, increasing the risk of infection and other complications at the injection site.

  4. Legal Consequences: Distributing and administering counterfeit Botox is illegal and unethical. Healthcare providers or individuals involved in the distribution of fake Botox may face legal repercussions, including fines, license revocation, and even criminal charges.

FDA is aware of adverse events, including hospitalizations, linked to the counterfeit Botox.

Symptoms included blurred or double vision, difficulty swallowing, dry mouth, constipation, incontinence, shortness of breath, weakness and difficulty lifting one’s head following injection of these products. 

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, following an injection of botulinum toxin products, contact a health care professional or go to the emergency room.

Why Coming To Healthy Solutions Medspa To Get Botox is Safe:

Healthy Solutions Medspa is Diamond Provider of Botox by Allergan.

What that means is that we are a top Botox provider account in the nation. We do Botox treatments every day!

Our Botox is safe and purchased directly from the maker of Botox.

We have over 500 five-star Google Reviews between both of our locations in Bucks County, PA.

Our Botox providers are highly skilled and trained with over 30 years in experience collectively.

We buy our Botox directly from the manufacturer and we do so many Botox treatments every day! ⁠

Schedule Your Botox Appointment With Us:

Do not fall for a friend of a friend offering “Botox” out of their home or Groupon Botox! Just because it is cheap, does not mean it is safe or it is real Botox.

Book your Botox appointment online at Healthy Solutions Medspa and ensure you receive the best, safest Botox out there. You can also call us at (267) 388-0300 to speak and have one of our friendly team members help schedule an appointment for you.

Botox before and after
Botox before and after
Botox before and after

How to check you are going to a licensed Botox provider:

Allergan, the maker of Botox has a provider locator website where you can search for a licensed Botox provider

How to check you are getting real Botox:

If you have any questions as to if you are getting real Botox or not, you can authenticate it by asking to see the Botox carton under the brand name BOTOX or BOTOX Cosmetic, and the hologram of the word “Allergan” on the vial label. Details on how to see if your Botox is real are in the image below. 

How to see if your Botox is real

If you are looking for Botox near me and you live in or near Bucks County, PA schedule your Botox appointment here.

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