Medical Weight Loss

Weight Loss Doctor in Bucks County & Montgomery County, PA

We offer two locations in Bucks County, PA. Located in Ivyland, PA and Furlong, our medical weight loss program is effective and has brought tremendous success to thousands of patients.

The medical weight loss program created by Dr. Michael Luciano is designed to achieve weight loss and fat reduction.

Widely known as being one of the Best Medical Weight Loss Doctors in the area, Dr. Michael Luciano completes a comprehensive initial assessment with every one of his new medical weight loss patients.

The data collected during this visit helps tailor a comprehensive weight loss plan based on your measured metabolism and medical condition.

medical weight loss doctor bucks county

If you are looking for a weight loss doctor near Doylestown, Newtown, Warrington, Warminster, or the surrounding cities in Bucks County or Montgomery County, PA schedule a consultation with Dr. Luciano by calling us at (267) 388-4692.

The medical weight loss program includes a healthy and outlined meal plan, lipotropic injections (fat burning injection), weight loss injections, Vitamin B12 injections, multivitamins, essential fatty acids, appetite suppressants – prescription or herbal and weight loss medications like Semaglutide if indicated.

Protein supplements are available in a variety of products to help with dietary compliance and fat reduction.

Dr. Luciano uses top of the line technology such as the Inbody body composition test and metabolic testing to help his patients reach their weight loss goals.

In addition to weight loss, Dr. Luciano also offers non-surgical fat reduction with the Coolsculpting procedure.

Recent Medical Weight Loss Patient Testimonial:

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“I have always enjoyed eating well and working out. I even became a certified personal trainer last year. Despite all of my best efforts, I still was carrying around some extra weight. In a matter of 6 months on Semaglutide, I lost about 30lbs with minimal side effects. Losing that extra weight has not only made me more confident but has also made me a healthier person. My cholesterol numbers have improved, and I have noticed that I generally feel better (no aches and pains, sleeping better, more energy). Taking this medication has truly changed my life! Thank you, Healthy Solutions!” – Emma

Body Contouring with Coolsculpting

Many of our patients choose the Coolsculpting treatment after they lose weight to target stubborn areas of fat on the belly, love handles, double chin, arms, bra fat, back fat and thighs that is resistant to diet and exercise.

CoolSculpting Elite placing the applicator on Abdomen

Energy Boosting & Fat Burning Injections

Dr. Luciano offers several injections of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are essential for your health and health of your liver.

These injections, such as the B12 injection ensure your body receives all necessary nutrients to keep you at your energetic best and to contribute to the success of your weight loss plan.

Many of these nutrients are not absorbable by mouth and need to be taken by injection. The injections are safe, effective and an easy way to keep your body well-balanced.

The Cost

Insurance is not accepted for the weight loss program with Dr. Luciano. Some medications maybe covered by your insurance depending on your plan and diagnosis. Protein supplements, lipotropic injections, vitamins, and essential fatty acids are not covered by insurance. Please call the office at (267) 388-4692 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Luciano and learn more about our programs. *The testimonials found on Healthy Solutions by Dr. Luciano are from actual patients. Healthy Solutions by Dr. Luciano makes no guaranties either expressed or implied of successful weight loss or treatment outcomes. Individual results may vary.

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