What is a liquid facelift

Have you heard of the liquid facelift?

You may know someone who had a facelift, but have you heard about something called the liquid facelift? It’s a term used for a certain non-surgical treatment that can provide the benefits of a facelift without incisions, anesthesia or any downtime. Let’s cover the basics so you know why the liquid facelift has become a […]

Everything You Need To Know About Eye Filler

Tired of looking tired? Others feel the same, and far more than you’d think! If you dislike your under eye bags, under eye filler may provide a solution. Why Get An Under Eye Filler Treatment? “Dark circles” under your eyes, or “under-eye bags” are both umbrella terms that can describe a wide variety of under […]

Botox in Newtown

The Ultimate Guide to The Botox Treatment 2022

The Botox treatment has become a mainstream cosmetic treatment done by millions of men and women over the years to keep wrinkles at bay. For those that have not tried it yet and are considering the Botox treatment, we created a comprehensive Ultimate Guide to the Botox Treatment to answer all of the Botox questions […]

A Guide to Lip Filler

Beginner’s Guide to Lip Filler

So, you are a lip filler newbie!  We all know that in a perfect world, we would take a Med-Spa vacation with no scheduling conflicts and unlimited down time.  The reality is, however, is that this is not plausible by any means (if it is, we applaud you, and please share your secret).  Between holidays, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Laser Hair Removal for Men in 2022

Laser hair removal has become one of the most popular methods to remove body and facial hair. While you could shave, trim or wax, laser hair removal is the only way to get permanent results when grooming and managing body hair.  While laser hair removal is sought after by both women and men, everyone’s interest […]

Best Hydrafacial in Bucks County

Why the Hydrafacial is great to do in the Winter

The Hydrafacial is quickly becoming one of the most sought after skin treatments available. With immediate effects and no downtime, it became obvious that this elite but affordable treatment was going to be a patient favorite. When is the perfect time to give this treatment a try? Right now, in the winter! Why? We are […]

New Coolsculpting device bucks county

The New Coolsculpting Elite at Healthy Solutions Medspa

Coolsculpting Elite is the newest Cooslculpting Device You may have heard of Coolsculpting, but now there is Coolsculpting Elite with even better fat-freezing technology and it is now offered at Healthy Solutions Medspa in Bucks County.  Coolsculpting Elite is the latest and greatest in body contouring. What makes Coolsculpting Elite better than the original Coolsculpting […]

QWO cellulite injections bucks county, pa

QWO: The New FDA Approved Cellulite Injection

Did you know that nine out of 10 adult women suffer from cellulite? Having cellulite is one of the most frustrating things about being a woman, and there has never been anything we could do about it – until now.  There is finally a cellulite injection treatment available for women that has been shown to […]

Virtual Meeting Ready with Medspa treamtnets

Feel Camera-Ready With These Medspa Treatments

How to get camera ready with medspa treatments Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Webex, Teams… whatever platform you’ve been using to stay connected, video conferencing has become the new normal for working, socializing and staying in touch with others remotely. In this new virtual way of life, we seem to be constantly on screen.  While you may […]

Coolsculpting for men

Ditch the “Dad Bod” with CoolSculpting!

What do Leonardo DiCaprio, Jon Hamm, and Seth Rogen all have in common aside from being famous celebrities? Well, they all are known for boasting a “Dad Bod.” What is a “Dad Bod?” The term, which was coined in March 2015 by a 19-year-old Clemson sophomore named Mackenzie Pearson, describes a male body type that […]