NAD IV Vitamin Therapy in Bucks County, PA

What is NAD Vitamin Therapy?

NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide.

NAD is the cofactor for improving mitochondrial function which is the energy powerhouse in all our cells.

It has been referred to as the miracle molecule and may be the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth.

An NAD Vitamin drip has the power to promote cellular regeneration and promote brain restoration which can improve conditions of the brain such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders, ADHD, and addiction.

A derivative of vitamin B3, NAD is responsible for cell DNA repair but steadily declines as we age.

It is also a key player in our body’s metabolism helping the liver to break down fats and converting our macronutrients into energy.

NAD IV Vitamin Therapy Bucks County

Boosting NAD will help mental clarity, alertness, concentration, and energy levels.

For athletes it can help with endurance and can improve symptoms in those suffering from chronic fatigue.

Although you will benefit from a single NAD IV Vitamin infusion, optimal results are obtained through consecutive NAD IV Vitamin drip infusions to give the body the ability to consistently access this important molecule to accelerate the restoration process.

NAD IV Vitamin therapy for Alcohol and Drug Addiction:

NAD IV vitamin therapy is beneficial to those suffering with addiction abuse.

What’s great about this treatment is that unlike medication options on the market, there are no side effects from NAD. Multiple treatments are recommended.

IV Vitamin Therapy with Dr. Luciano Bucks County, PA

We offer a few different protocol options with NAD Vitamin therapy:

Antiaging: $600
2 hour infusion of 250mg NAD
Recommend 3 treatments, followed by booster treatment- 1-2x/year

Neurodegenerative: $900
4 hour infusion of 500MG NAD
Recommend 5 treatments, followed by booster treatment 1-2x/year

NAD Vitamin Therapy for Addiction: $1200
6-8 hour treatment 1000mg NAD
Recommend 5-10 treatments, followed by booster treatment 1-2x/year