Premier Family Medicine

A Direct Primary Care Concierge Medicine Practice

Concierge Family Medicine Replaces the traditional system of third party insurance.

Concierge Family Medicine Patients benefits:

  • Your Personal Award Winning Physician. Board Certified in Family & Obesity Medicine.
  • Extended, unhurried office visits so that you have time to ask all of your questions.
  • 24/7 access to Dr. Luciano available to you any time you need him.
  • Access to Dr. via cell phone, text, email, skype, facetime or other virtual visit.
  • Practice size is limited to only 500 patients.
  • Same or next day appointments.
  • Enhanced coordination of care with specialists.
  • Outpatient appointments done by our friendly staff.
  • Comprehensive physicals that allow more time than a typical physical would cover
  • Body composition testing annually.
  • Onsite blood draw.
  • Convenient access to all of your records stored in a patient portal and/or uploaded onto a flash drive.