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Semaglutide and CoolSculpting: The Ultimate Summer Weight Loss Program

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Summer is right around the corner!

Looking for the best summer weight loss program?

At Healthy Solutions Medspa, we have a long list of patients on a wait list to see Dr. Luciano for his weight loss program. We have opened some medical weight loss appointments with him for a new summer transformation medical weight loss program, that includes Semaglutide injections and the CoolSculpting Elite treatment!

What is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide is a medication that can be administered by oneself or by a provider. It’s a simple tiny injection that takes less than 10 seconds to administer into the arms, legs, or stomach. What this medication does is makes insulin production speed up and create more of it while also making glucagon levels decrease, which makes you feel less hungry.

You need to be prescribed Semaglutide under a doctors care, and will need to come in monthly for follow up visits.

The injections will reduce hunger, while also increasing energy levels, producing weight loss! At Healthy Solutions Medspa, we have seen really great results with our patients on Semaglutide, and the average weight lost is about 20%.

What is CoolSculpting?

FDA approved, the CoolSculpting Elite is safe to treat and reduce stubborn and unwanted fat. Many people try to get rid of fat from their belly, love handles, thighs, and arms through diet and exercise but have difficulty doing so, and CoolSculpting helps this.

It freezes the fat away from the treatment areas and gets rid of 20-25% of the fat cells after 2 sessions, 30 days apart.

Patients at Healthy Solutions Medspa have been extremely pleased with their CoolSculpting results, and we are excited to be offering this treatment with our weight loss program!

How Does Semaglutide and CoolSculpting go hand-in-hand?

When you reach your goal weight, you can still have some stubborn areas of fat left. CoolSculpting is perfect for treating any areas you may have issues with, or any areas you may just need some extra help! Semaglutide will help you lose weight, while the Coolsculpting Elite will reduce those stubborn fat areas.

What does this Summer program include?

Our summer transformation medical weight loss program includes:

  • 3 months of Semaglutide
  • Initial consultation with Dr. Luciano
  • Followed by two additional visits monthly with our Nurses
  • CoolSculpting treatment – 8 cycles for the abdomen or for the love handles
  • 90 day follow up appointment after the CoolSculpting treatment

What if I want to do more CoolSculpting?

If you are interested in doing more CoolSculpting than 8 cycles or maybe interested in other areas of the body, we can add that to your consultation at a discounted price.

How do I Schedule?

If you are looking for a Doctor that specializes in Semaglutide or the Coolsculpting Elite treatment, give us a call at schedule one online.

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