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Facial Treatments – Beautiful Skin is Always In

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Healthy Solutions Medspa We are pleased to announce that we’ve added a new aesthetician to our experienced team here at Healthy Solutions Medspa.

With that said, this month we’re excited to highlight our extensive facial treatment program.

If you aren’t familiar with all the medspa treatments we have to offer, this should be a good starting point toward understanding how we’re able to help your face glow like never before!

Many women (and men) spend a long time looking for products or ways they can improve and achieve clearer and more radiant skin. While we certainly advise taking measures on your own to ensure maintaining the healthiest skin possible, the fact of the matter is, home treatments and over the counter beauty products can only get you so far.

It takes visits to professional facilities like our medical spa in Bucks County, PA, to truly achieve the best results possible.

We offer the following facial treatments at our Medspa:

Everyday Glow Facial: This is a classic European-style facial, customized to suit your skin type. It includes exfoliation, deep cleanse with pore extraction, facial massage and a treatment mask. This classic facial is perfect for most of our patients, and will work wonders to enhance your skin.

Harmonizing Zen Facial: It consists of all the best elements of a classic facial, but it also reduces your overall body stress with extra attention focused on a massage of the face, neck, shoulders and scalp. Total serenity and glowing skin—what’s not to love?

Restore Anti-Aging Facial: A facial aimed at restoring your skin’s youthfulness. It’s repairative and firming, using the best anti-aging ingredients, and it includes delicate to more-intensive peeling; whichever is needed more.

Radiance Brightening Facial: This is an ultra-hydrating anti-aging facial that oxygenates and brightens complexions affected by blotchiness, UV damage, or pigmentation. Combat the harmfulness of the sun with this exceptionally brightening facial!

Balancing Acne Facial: Designed especially for skin affected by oil, blackheads, enlarged pores, and inflammation, with special attention to extractions. Breakouts can be stressful, but you can avoid them with this wholesome, balancing facial.

Teen Facial: This is designed to suit the needs of skin that is still having breakouts associated with adolescence. It includes deep cleansing, gentle extractions, and a healing mask.

Custom Facials: If none of the above are quite right for you, no worries! We also offer completely personalized and individualized custom facial regimens. Just give us a call and our aesthetician will work with you and make a plan based on your specific needs.

In addition to these facial treatments, we offer the Hydrafacial, Microneedling, Photofacials, and the Clear + Brilliant laser facial.

Touch base with our Bucks County, PA med spa to learn more about all of our facials, and schedule an appointment with our new Aesthetician online or by calling us at (267) 332-5567. We’ll work with you to pick the best course of action and get your skin glowing like never before. See you soon!

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