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3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Hydrafacial Treatment

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Healthy Solutions by Dr. Luciano Hydrafacial in Bucks County, PA is proud to introduce the Hydrafacial treatment a three-step treatment that cleanses, extracts, hydrates, and reduces the signs of aging for people of all ages and skin types. Think of a microdermabrasion, facial, and peel in one but way better! It was even named Best Treatment by NewBeauty Magazine.

Never heard of the Hydrafacial?

Get to know this new treatment that’s gaining so much buzz! Here are three reasons why should get a Hydrafacial treatment:

  • Hydrafacials can correct a number of skin concerns. The Hydrafacial is a skin superstar. By using its patented vortex technology, it clears the skin of deep-rooted impurities and extracts and exfoliates by combining two types of acids that are gentle yet effective.

The Hydrafacial treatment has been found to help with a variety of skin concerns, ranging from excessive oil production, acne breakouts, sun damaged skin and wrinkles.

  • There is No Downtime. The Hydrafacial treatment cleanses the skin, followed by a non-irritating application of chemical peel to help reduce fine lines and discoloration.

And even though chemical peel is applied, because of the suction- like mechanism, you won’t peel and flake after the treatment and have downtime.

Patients may leave a little pink after the treatment depending on their skin sensitivity but that quickly goes away within minutes.

Compared to other treatments out there that require days of downtime, this is a great alternative to get glowing skin without having to figure out the best time to do it.

  • It only takes 30 minutes. When you schedule a Hydrafacial treatment, you won’t need to allocate a lot of time away from your busy schedule.

The treatment is fast and efficient, only taking 30 minutes to complete. You can even have one done on your lunch break and make it back to work on time!

Schedule your Hydrafacial Treatment by calling us (267) 332-5567 or request an appointment at Healthy Solutions Medspa.

Experience for yourself how the Hydrafacial treatment will make your skin clearer, tighter, brighter, and healthier.

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