Juvederm Ultra Voluma Vollure Volbella and Restylane Fillers In Bucks County, PA

Dermal Fillers

We offer the full collection of JUVÉDERM® and RESTYLANE Dermal Fillers, Lip Fillers & Injectables at our premier Bucks County Medical Spa – Juvederm Voluma, Juvederm Vollure, Juvederm Ultra,  Juvederm Volbella, Restylane, Restylane Lyft, and Restylane Kysse.

These FDA approved injectable fillers add volume to your lips, cheeks, and reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. The treatments are safe and effective with little to no down-time.


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Who will be performing your Dermal Filler treatment?

Dr. Michael Luciano and Staci Wilson, RN are certified and experienced dermal filler injectors whose goal is to make you look refreshed and not overdone.

Dr. Michael Luciano Bucks County, PABotox Bucks County PA

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Dermal Fillers Before & After Patient Results:

Individual results will vary.

*Healthy Solutions by Dr. Luciano makes no guaranties either expressed or implied. Individual results may vary.

Lip Filler Before & After Photos:

lip filler before and after photo lip augmentation lip injections

Lip filler Before and After Healthy Solutions by Dr Luciano Medspa

Type of Dermal Fillers We Offer At Our Bucks County Medical Spa:

Juvederm Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC

Juvederm XC is proven to last up to 1 year in moderate to severe facial wrinkles and lines around the nose and mouth as well as adding volume to the lips.

Juvederm Volbella

FDA approved filler proven to increase lip fullness and soften the appearance of vertical lip lines for up to 1 year.

Juvederm Vollure

Juvederm Vollure is an FDA approved dermal filler proven to last up to 18 months in moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds.

Juvederm Voluma

Instantly add volume or lift and contour your cheeks, mid face, and contour your chin and jawline with FDA approved Juvederm Voluma. Results last up to 2 years.

Chin and Jawline with Voluma Before and After Photo:

jawline and chin filler voluma

Restylane L

Restylane is an FDA approved HA dermal filler used to add volume and fullness to your skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, like the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth as well as lip enhancement.

Restylane Lyft

Restylane Lyft is designed to bring back the contours to your face. It provides a natural-looking lift to visibly sagging cheeks. It helps to correct lines, folds, and wrinkles on sides of the nose and mouth.

Restylane Defyne

Restylane Defyne is an HA dermal filler used to treat deeper laugh lines.

Restylane Refyne

Restylane Refyne is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that treats visible laugh lines. This dermal filler helps you restore a more natural look to your face while maintaining your facial expressions. So you always look like you.

Restylane Silk

Restylane Silk is an FDA approved HA dermal filler used to treat lip lines and for subtle lip enhancement for more natural looking lip augmentation and the smoothing of wrinkles around the mouth.

What are the side effects of Restylane?
The most common side effects are swelling, bruising, redness, pain, bruising, tenderness, at the injection site.

*Healthy Solutions by Dr. Luciano makes no guaranties either expressed or implied. Individual results may vary.